Sky Storms has been a hands-on job coach for more than 50 years, 27 of which were helping  Vocational Technical students move smoothly and successfully into the working world. He worked directly and simultaneously with both employers and candidates of all ages to bring about a win win situation for both. 

In a world that demands on-line applications (that have a success rate of approximately 7%) it is important to know how to get face to face interviews.

Book him for an interview and have your viewers/listeners learn how to stack the deck in their favor. What works, How it works and Why it works.

He is available by telephone, via satellite, and occasionally in studio.

An information overview and list of sample interview questions follow below. If you’d like a copy of his book and a complete press kit, please call or email:

352-861-1752 or 352-361-5608   (media only)  or  skystorms@gmail.com


Available for interview Contact Sky
(media only)

Job Coach for 50 years Reveals

What Works, How It Works and Why It Works

Author of “JOB: The search is on …. “

  • How, and why, to change the way you approach job hunting.
  • Four things all employers want to know about you.
  • Learn about some helpful tools.
  • How to use your transferable skills.
  • How to use aptitude tests.
  • How to choose a direction or goal.
  • Choosing references.
  • How to, and why, build a resume’
  • How, and why, to network.
  • On-line applications
  • Preparing for the interview.
  • The most important ten seconds and how to prepare for them.
  • Strategies that don’t work, and some that do.
  • Stop gap employment

tells your audience what it takes to get face to face interviews with decision makers in a world that demands on-line applications, that are rarely even acknowledged as having been received.

80-90% of job seekers do

not know how to find the

available, but not

advertised, jobs. Do you?

Sky has 50 years as a job coach helping inexperienced job seekers acquire job hunting skills that helped them move successfully into the working world. Sky reveals, in plain English, What Works, How It Works and Why It Works when it comes to job hunting during times of high unemployment and underemployment.

Things turn out best for

The people who make

The best of the way

Things turn out.

Ty Boyd

This is a time when approximately 85% of new college grads are returning home to live with parents. Commonly known as “Boomerang Kids”, they are having to compete with a large number of skilled and experienced job seekers at a time when historically there have been plenty of entry level openings for new grads. Some, rather than stay at home or fight the hoards of job seekers, are choosing to continue their education and pursue graduate degrees. Is this a good use of time, energy and money? Not always. Ask me why.

Your direction is more

important than your speed.

Richard L. Evens

Employers country wide are changing how they interview candidates. It has become a real challenge to appeal to the sometimes quite different value system of each new hiring manager you meet. In many cases, soft skills have become the new hard skills employers look for. And, in virtually all cases, body language has become extremely important. Success in an interview can literally hinge on a handshake.

“Packaging” has

become as important

as your hard skills.

Effective cover letters, resume’s and follow-up techniques have become more maluable in recent times. Transferable skills in conjunction with ones own soft skills and character traits can frequently result in getting a good job in a totally unrelated field. You just need to know how to apply them to other employment situations.

Nobody cares if you can’t dance well,

Just get up and dance.

Dave Barry

Networking and company website research have become much more important to the job applicant during these high unemployment times. Ask me why.

The only place where

success comes before

work is in the dictionary.

Vidal Sassoon

It’s never, ever to late to follow your dreams.

Michael Combs


“JOB: The Search Is On ….” Is available in paperback at:




  • How did you get the name SKY?
  • What prompted you to write this book? 
  • What do you mean by STOP GAP employment?
  • Where did you learn all the stuff that you share in this book?
  • Please tell our listeners what you’re referring to with your comment: “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”
  • Is there a specific group of people you are trying to reach?
  • What is most important to employers?
  • What do you recommend for people that have been looking for a long time and had little success?
  • In your book you talk about “Stacking the deck in your favor”. How does that work?
  • Tell me about “Boomerang kids” and how you would advise them to proceed.
  • Before we went on the air, you said something about how our public/government education system does a really poor job of preparing young people for the real world, and yet they are not to blame.  You obviously speak from experience, having been in the system for 27 years. So please tell me, what do you mean by that?
  • What are transferable skills?
  • What do you mean when you say soft skills have become the new hard skills?
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